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In fact, Volcanica’s sustainable methodology has earned the brand both Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade Certifications.So, when you’re at home sipping on a Volcanic Colombia morning brew, you can rest assured knowing that you’re not only getting a quality cup of joe, but you’re also supporting an organization recognized for its humanitarian efforts.

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Volcanica’s organic Colombian Supremo Andeano Estate Coffee offers more than just a lengthy name.As a result, peaberry often has an intense flavor with uniquely subtle and soft flavor notes.Volcanica Colombian Peaberry offers just a hint of cherry-chocolate, malt and walnut.Although Valdez is a fictional character that was created by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, he serves as a Colombian coffee icon and is said to represent Colombian coffee farmers.The Juan Valdez brand maintains that their beans embody the quality, values, and traditions of Colombia.Instead, Out of the Grey ops to harvest small-batch organic Excelso beans, which are slightly smaller than Supremo coffee beans, but are arguably more popular.

Directly on the bag, Out of the Grey reveals that their beans are produced in Medellin.

A family-owned and operated company, Cafe’ Don Pablo embodies the small town Colombian coffee vibes that are best suited for an true Colombian brew.

Often credited for putting Colombian coffee on the map, Juan Valdez is the godfather of Colombian coffee culture.

Just as this gourmet bean implies with its name, Juan Valdez Balanced Colombian coffee strikes the perfect balance between acidity and medium-body flavors.

Juan Valdez is USDA Certified Organic and certified by EU Organic, which means the production of their beans protects natural resources and promotes conservation.

Instead of cranking beans through a rigorous production schedule, Café Don Pablo slow-roasts to order, which means you’ll receive a fresh batch, every single time.