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(Last year, the word “déclinisme,” or “declinism,” entered France’s Larousse dictionary.) It’s a phenomenon that cuts across the political spectrum and has picked up velocity in recent years by tapping into an anxious national mood.And its loudest voices are intellectuals with platforms in the national news media. Onfray’s, other books with decline on their minds have appeared in the past few weeks.

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France — and the West — is at the moment of decision.

Her single “Chandelier” from the album “1000 Forms of Fear” released in 2014.

The single charted at #2 in Australia, #1 in France, #8 in US, #6 in Canada, Denmark, and UK. Sia released her debut album Only See in 1997 via Flavoured Records label. The trip hop album consisted of 13 singles giving it a total length of about 52 minutes.

What happened when a drag queen went to a Donald Trump rally to interview his supporters?

Perhaps surprisingly, one of the most culturally aware and open-minded videos of the political campaign so far.

‘s French site says that Onfray’s irrational, ahistorical, ideological hatred of Catholicism badly mars his thesis.

Perhaps that’s what the Figaro reviewer means when he says that Onfray is, paradoxically, nostalgic for the God he despises and cannot believe in.“If you think today about terrorism, the rise of populism, it was important to put that in perspective,” Mr. His research, he added, “shows a civilization that had been strong, that had ceased to be so and that’s heading toward its end.” Mr.Onfray is one of the latest popular authors to join France’s booming decline industry, a spate of books and articles (with a handful of TV shows) that explore the country’s (and the West’s) failings and France’s obsession with those failings.Well, he’s right about the collapse, but what a shock that he blames the God he refused to love and obey.More broadly, I want to ask you readers if the popularity of declinism in France may spread to the US — and if so, is it a good or a bad thing, overall?“The Returned,” a best seller by the journalist David Thomson, is an investigative report about French jihadists who’ve returned home from Syria.

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    In 2003, Sheen described the production as "the most enjoyable thing I've ever done ... The Financial Times noted: "As Jimmy Porter, a role of staggering difficulty in every way, Michael Sheen gives surely the best performance London has yet seen from him ... This is a dazzlingly through-the-body performance." In 2003, Sheen appeared in Bright Young Things, the directorial debut of his Wilde co-star, Stephen Fry.