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The couple was very happy in the first few years of their married life.

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Dana and John King were secretly dating each other before 2007 when they officially made their relationship public. Before his marriage, John had converted to Judaism which was the religion of his new wife Dana.She interned with NBC, CBS, and CNN before beginning her career.She is also an honorary degree holder in Human Letters of the Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, New Hampshire.About three months after the birth of the child, the couple began staying separately.They later announced that they were divorcing and that it was by mutual consent. Also read: Shawn Killinger, bio, QVC, e-commerce, TV anchor, controversies, husband, adopted daughter Both Dana Bash and John were previously married.Talking of her initial days, she said: “I learned a lot about production and about producing programs and how to ask questions because I was working on interview shows with these icons, During all that time I was volunteering.

I’d come in every weekend to volunteer in Also read: Kelly Evans is a co-anchor of CNBC’s “Closing Bell”. Dana Bash was honored at the Moment Magazine luncheon at the Yale Club in New York.

He had said that he loves her very much and does not mind the religion change for her.

He was a Roman Catholic before his marriage to Dana.

She was given the magazine’s “Creativity Award.” At the event, she also shared her days in the year of 1991.

“I went to college in Washington and my very first internship was at CBS News and it was during the Clarence Thomas hearings.

After completion of her college, Dana joined CNN as a producer for their weekend programs such as Late Edition, Inside Politics, and the like.