Kaohsiung dating

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This is also a great spot to take in the harbor night views.This long and narrow island serves as a natural protective barrier for Kaohsiung Harbor.

Not many tourist make it to the southern tip of Qijin Island, which is characterized by large container facilities.South of the lighthouse is Qihou Battery, built by a justifiably anxious Qing Dynasty government in the 1870s, fearful of invasion by the Japanese or Western powers.It was later used by both Taiwan’s Japanese colonial masters and the Chinese Nationalist government.The temple has many information panels helping you to learn more about Confucius. Young, expansive, and still-growing, Pier-2 Art Center is a special zone at the heart of the city’s cultural-creative bloom.There are numerous old, renovated Kaohsiung Harbor warehouses here, long abandoned, which were formerly used to store such goods as fish meal and granulated sugar.There are numerous tourist attractions, including the beautiful Qihou Lighthouse, seafood restaurants, and a long sandy beach, a great spot for viewing the sunset. Head to Gushan Ferry Pier and buy a ticket (NT; you can pay with i Pass and Easy Card).

The ride to the other side only takes about five minutes.Here, you can feel the changes that the city has undergone over the years, and taste a variety of delicious snacks.Fisherman’s Wharf, near the warehouse, is the biggest pier in Kaohsiung.Have fun and sate both your gourmet and gourmand spirits along Kaohsiung’s metro-system lines (subway and light rail).You can also explore the city by bike during the day and on a romantic boat cruise on the Love River in the evening.There are also various cultural-creative merchandise shops and cafés and restaurants.