Liberal women dating conservative man

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Liberal women dating conservative man - Free unmonitored cams

As we look on in horror we are seeing Republicans cross every legal and moral barrier that no other administration has ever dared to tread.From illegal business dealings to outright betrayal of high level security secrets to enemies, conservatives are simply ignoring all of it.

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They look to sexist comments as if they are compliments and have those old fashioned ideologies of “getting a man” as the main point in life.

For the conservative women that are looking to “hook up” they have a particular type of male that appeals to them.

They aren’t interested in the kind of working partnership that is an almost requirement in today’s society as they have specific home job descriptions that have been brainwashed into their heads.

I admit it, when I think of single conservatives, a vision of the old Mad TV “Lowered Expectations” comes into play.

While that might not be fair, it is often the reality of the type of people that choose to be conservative.

Over the years I have had a number of run-ins with these types of women and have even had a few neighbors that fit this description.

The one area that I have noticed is that many also suffer from “Stockholm Syndrome” and will defend and protect even a partner that abuses them.One conservative female neighbor places value on only male children, even though she had a daughter and a son.In this case, her daughter experienced the horrors of being raised this way, but inevitably overcame them, attended college and succeeded in ways that her mother eventually became jealous of.As a liberal woman, I havedevoted a lifetime to equality on all levels as well as protecting the planet.Coming from a poor background, I know what it’s like to pull yourself up, work harder and longer hours, and pay for your own schooling while working.The last thing that you want is to go out to dinner or a movie and have the person that you are with cause embarrassment.