Love hina dating sim mitsune kiss

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Love hina dating sim mitsune kiss - 100 gothic dating

After Keitaro and Naru embarked on a soul searching trip to Kyoto, Shinobu and Kaolla went after them, leaving a note behind to tell Motoko and Mitsune where they went.

In an attempt to make up for getting him fired, Mitsune suggests that he starts tutoring as a part time job and mentions Naru's tutor as an example, inadvertently sending him into a depression over Naru and his immediate future.

While Naru chased after him to bring him back after it was discovered that he was staying on Pararakelse Island, Mitsune and the other Hinata girls went to Tokyo University where they discovered that Keitaro had indeed passed the exam and was now a potential Tokyo University student.

However, after learning that Keitaro had five days in which to apply with his passing exam ticket (which he took with him to the island), Mitsune, Motoko and Mutsumi embark to Pararakelse island after Kaolla, Shinobu and Sarah sneak out to find Keitaro before the timeline is reached.

As Naru and Keitaro's relationship waxes and wanes, Mitsune continued to offer her support, frequently pressing Naru on her trues feelings for Keitaro despite the girl's stubborn denial.

However, Mitsune soon became frustrated with the couple and attempted to further the relationship by knocking Naru unconscious and enticing Keitaro by mimicking her.

She tends to cause mischief when she finds herself lacking in entertainment.

Most commonly described as a free-loader, Mitsune always looks out for herself and her own interests first, however, she does care about her fellow tenants and knows when not to take things too far.

She also couldn't get a boyfriend of her own, largely due to being perceived as too "high strung"; however, her attitude that boyfriends should be used and exploited probably also played a part.

When Naru's parents hired a private tutor for their daughter, Mitsune also fell for him and was angered when he suddenly left them without notice.

When Seta makes a surprise visit to the Hinata House, Mitsune attempts to prevent Naru from seeing him and rekindling her crush for Keitaro's sake.

Enlisting the help of the other dormitory residents, she barely manages to keep the two from meeting, however, Naru runs into Seta later during the applications for the university exams and, after overhearing Keitaro offering Naru his help in her confessing her crush, Mitsune also offers Naru her support; however, their efforts are completely wasted on the clueless Seta.

Upon the discovery that he was a ronin and his return as the new landlord, Mitsune initially led the plan to make Keitaro leave by overworking him until Naru became involved.