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Don't forget that if you have visitors in town you are also able to request discounted hotel room rates from Latitude 15.Thanks again - catch up when you're back from your travels!!

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The Works gets my highest recommendation, and I encourage you to check it out! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience of The Works!

We had an internal session for our agency , which required us to leave the office and really get into the dirty details of what needed to be done. The boardroom space and hot desks allowed for us to have group sessions and break aways. Hi Terri-Ann - as always, it was a pleasure to host your agency for their strategy sessions!

We were provided wifi, and working tools to get our work done. The team on the ground make you feel welcome and are completely committed to keeping the space professional no matter the industry you are in. We're immensely happy that by coming to The Works you were al able to get down to the "dirty details" without being disturbed and distracted! I have used The Works on numerous occasions and I have always found the working environment to be clean, inviting, cool and inspiring.

No one minds coming to meet me here- which is also a bonus for my time and productivity. I remember our discussions about your taking up your space - and my memory has the weather markedly warmer than it is at the moment - hahaha!

Hands down amazing, and the best, work place and space!!! We're so happy that you made the decision to join up - and thank you for your support, and of course, for being such an active member of our community and club!

The venue is stunning with a creative and innovative vibe that will take your breath away.

The staff are friendly and welcoming and will bend over backwards to help you.The location is in a residential area away from downtown traffic making it easily accessible.Staff members are friendly and coffee can easily be ordered.Hi Gail - thank you so much for stopping by The Works on this instalment of your adventuring!I can't tell you what a pleasure it was to chat to you, and to share our vision and wider product offering with you. After a long day of work, it feels great to splash in the pool and have a drink at the bar where so many international beers and liquors are available.Latitude 15 lives up to the expectations of a boutique hotel.