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To Benziger, biodynamism is about a personal connection to the land. He's been working his 85 acres for the past twenty-five years. The rest, in the closed farming tradition of biodynamism, are occupied by such things as stables, insectaries and pasture.Biodynamism considers the environment more important than the plant, the whole trumping any of its parts.

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If the former is the case, go get yourself a coffee and come back when your caffeine has kicked in. One, with a slight bow to irony, not easily digested.

He began his talk by asking us about various alcoholic beverages. Wine just might be the poster child for this approach to agriculture-- a mingling of living and dead matter that, if you will forgive me for saying, creates its own life force, therby enhancing our own.

Unless, I thought, one drinks excessive amounts of it and dies of alcohol poisoning, I reminded myself that biodynamism is about cosmic balance and the thought passed.

Over the years, Benziger has recognized thirty-one distinct microclimates within that circle-- each contributing it's own particular qualities to the final blend of his wine.

Biodynamism dictates that man work within nature's boundaries rather than bend it to his own will.

Insects are neither purchased nor physically transported, but rather invited onto the property by means of what Benziger refers to as "bug highways"-- swaths of specific plants that lure the insects directly into the vineyard.

In addition to insects and creative planting, various animals are utilized to keep down the number of pests-- chickens and owls, for example.

The borders between natural and farmed areas eventually merge and begin to speak, as Benziger says, "the language of Here's where the moon comes in. Everything in the universe, according to the Ancients, was comprised of some combination of these elements.

What the logo does not show, however is a fifth element; one created when the four other elements get together-- spirit.

Steiner considered the world and everything in it as simultaneously spiritual and material in nature, that living matter was different from dead matter.

He also believed in the influence of planetary events on agricultural crops. Biodynamism is, more or less, a very holistic approach to organic farming.

All we knew at the time was that biodynamic winemaking had something to do with the full moon. My boss kept asking if various items around the restaurant -- it could have been a chair or a dog for all he cared-- were . It is a category of biodynamic agriculture, which is essentially an organic farming system based primarily upon eight lectures on anthroposophy given by Rudolph Steiner in Germany in 1924.