Online 78 record dating

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Online 78 record dating - dating and love ua

I keep these 4 ot 5 of these boxes handy--just the right size for 78s (I am talking about a box within a bigger box, with bubble-wrap and plastic peanuts for protection). When shipping heavy 78s, send your box UPS (the advantage is free insurance up to $100) or U. Postal (the advantage is that 4th class postage can be quite low).

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Or find a beginning collector in your town who will buy ordinary, common titles--not yet knowing or caring that these are ordinary, common titles. A "for sale" ad in your local paper is a good start.

People often ask me, "How can I sell the collection of 78s that my dad left to me when he died?

" I cannot identify here everything to look for in your record collection but can give basic tips.

Better: for each record cite the artist's name, the titles on both sides of the record (if double-sided), the label name and record number, and condition of that record.

The larger the collection, the more likely there are interesting items.

Make sure the 78s are in sleeves, place the stack of 78s between cardboard, wrap tape around the bundle so they don't slide around, put the package in a box within a box.

When I buy 78s from people, I usually send an "empty box" to those sellers ahead oftime.

Or if the collection was once owned by a "serious" collector, then the collection is likely to have "good" titles.

I consider any collection consisting of 200 or more 78s to be a large one, at least in the hands of a non-collector (advanced collectors tend to own thousands).

But if the original buyer of the 78s was spending money on Welk, then that person had "square" tastes and was probably not buying the good Elvis Presley 78s.

Likewise, if you see a healthy percentage of records identified as waltzes, polkas, or tangos, you may have a lemon of a collection.

My wife, who thinks I own too many 78s, likes this scenario the best.