Overprotective parents dating

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My older brother didn't have issues, but that's because he's the oldest and a guy, while i'm the baby of the family, and a girl.I'm almost 21 years old, and still live at home because my parents don't want me to live elsewhere p.s.

My mom HATED that i had my own apt and made me move back home (we fought constantly when i had my own place, but now that i'm at home, we hardly fight), so i feel like i'll never be able to do things on my own.you tel them exactly what you have said here.......about yourself.....you are a big girl now, but, give them comfort in knowing where you are going and his name.......not date off the net without letting someone you know and trust ...exactly what your plans are...matter how safe he seems.......bundy was an attractive(supposedly) non descript man with a ready smile.......have a right to fear.........psychopaths can be charming....part of being independent is showing how responsible you are in approaching these sort of issues and situations.....'ve recently started going out with a guy i met online, but am worried about the trouble it might bring with my family.I'm almost 21 years old, and still live at home because my parents don't want me to live elsewhere But i've tried asserting my independence(I dormed freshman year, had an apt sophmore year, and now i'm back at home).Her Dad called her a failure and now she thinks she 'owes' them. Another thing now is that her Dad will soon be asking what she is going to do with her life, and 'working and saving for college' isn't good enough, she said.

She also said her Mother is bugging her for another job, and saying her job lasted too long, which was only two months. My last relationship, she didn't respect her Mom at all... However, I'm on the edge right now with her parents...

She did the other day, once in a few like months, maybe longer... The one before that, she was molested (I don't know how) and he was crazy.

Like the last LDR she had, he got killed by his father? She had a lot of people walk out of her life, and doesn't have an intimate relationship, no friends, and not even a loving family.

I've never had a bf because i'm worried about how my parents will react.

It doesnt change no matter what age you are, when people love you they become overprotective......especially when it comes to online dating...i am 43 mother of five....i have an ex who doesnt want me to online date adn has asked me not to......mum doesnt want me to online date........because simply put...dont know who you are dating......they question me.......makes you feel like a kid....i dont feel that it is their intention, to make me feel smothered...just worry..i would worry about my daughters if they were meeting people online...all perspective...precautions...them know where you are going....your phone on......them in public venues...you feel antsy while you are with an online date.....leave.....trust your instincts........luck ......smilin atcha..i understand that they care for me and want to protect me. I'm doing what they want me to do - went to a school close to home, got good grades. If i thought he was a sketchy guy, i woudn't have agreed to go out with him in the first place.

You need to tell your parents to lossen the rope on you because when guys see this ---and they will---they will say screw this dont need this and just stop dating you.