Parents and teenagers opinions on dating

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She's 16 and they have been friends for a while but only started dating recently. We are close to the family and their 11 and 10 year old boys hang out with my 13 and 11 year old boys sometimes. I'm not sure what rules we should have around her being in his bedroom. My husband wasn't allowed to have girls over at all until we were married. He is honest and enjoys being around us more than most kids his age so I don't want to screw this. At 15(me) and 16(him) we were allowed to have the door closed and sleepovers.

So, I think it's silly to make any rules on the basis of trying to prevent it - at best, they'll do it elsewhere, and that's not necessarily a good thing. Unless you stand in the doorway, they're still going to fool around, it just increases the chances of you walking in on them doing it. I'd tend to focus the conversation and rules about being safe and using birth control. I know that my grandparents had a "open door, no sleepovers" rule.

:)Question: So you would condone your daughter being over at her b/f's house today and have sex there?

Or, the other way of answering this is that looking back on that experience, was it worth it, was it beneficial to have sex with him at home with your folks consent?

Both sets of parents have a meal out together with these two every few weeks and remind them that if it ends kids, you both want it to be a fond memory.

One thing that i think you have going for you, besides open conversation with your son, is a good relationship with her parents.

We had a conversation about birth control and consent, and honestly as an adult (now 28) I’m SO glad that she was so open and cool with me.

I imagine it’s different with a teenage boy- but I had other boyfriends who’s parents didn’t let us sleep in the same room, and let me tell you- it didn’t stop anything! At least under your roof, you can have those conversations and try to ensure a level of care! I think in this situation what I would do is sit down with both kids and the other parents as well, and set out clear expectations, guidelines and rules that you would hope and expect that they follow at both houses. My oldest is 15 and I have exactly the relationship you describe with your son.I will tell you that I had sex with my boyfriend even with an Open Door Only set up. I'm absolutely not saying you should chunk condoms in a room and tell them to have at it!I just mean that kids will have sex if they want to have sex and your open dialogue policy is a great choice. Give him some autonomy, gauge his state of mind, and figure out what you're comfortable with.Hubby and i have that with the parents of both SILs.Both couples were friends before their sons arrived at our front door to pick up our daughters for the junior high Halloween dance with both mothers waiting in the SUV. LOLAs a parent, don't become attached to a particular outcome of a teen romance because it is not your romance.If you ever watched Gilmore Girls, the mother daughter relationship on that show is how I often describe my relationship with my son. And you are also talking about rules that involve someone else’s child. What expectations do her parents have and what are they hoping for? So yeah, a decision like that, to me, needs to maybe be a big sit down with all parents and the kids, so that everyone is on the same page, or at least, that is probably what I would do.

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