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Keister for a New Year’s Eve date.” Keister says former YMCA employees confirmed that YMCA management takes a “soft approach” to dealing with such inappropriate conduct.

“In the time following these incidents, Keister was troubled by the way the YMCA discounted his complaints,” the complaint states.

She acknowledged that the YMCA has had a problem with public sex acts in the men’s locker room for years.

She assured him that the YMCA would take immediate steps to address the issue and that it was safe for him to continue to use the facilities.

In the class action, Keister, of Asheville, says he decided to buy gym memberships for his family at the local YMCA “because of the YMCA’s image as a safe place for families and children and as [a] place that champions Christian values, such as decency, kindness, and fairness.” But Keister says the YMCA misleads customers through its marketing campaigns, cultivating a false image of places with “high ethical standards and Christian values,” when in fact they tolerate “cruising” for homosexual relationships and allow members to be subjected to unwanted sexual advances.

“In spring 2009, the image of the YMCA as a safe and protected environment came crashing down for plaintiffs on several separate visits to the facility,” the complaint states.

“The sole corrective action he observed was a sign in the men’s locker room prohibiting inappropriate behavior.

On his final visit to the downtown Asheville YMCA center locker room, a man propositioned Mr.

“When the men noticed the shocked look on Keister’s face, the shorter man replied. ’, with a menacing tone that made it seem as if Keister was the one who was acting inappropriately. ’ Keister responded, ‘Not appropriate.’ ‘It’s just not appropriate.’ “Unsettled by what he was seeing, Keister left the shower area immediately, got dressed, and reported the incident to the front desk.

“The employee responded, ‘We are aware of this behavior and we’re taking steps to address it.

“Unable to comprehend the organization’s apparent lack of concern about the assault and its lack of urgency in addressing his complaints, plaintiff investigated further.

In doing so, Keister discovered that the Y-WNC is a microcosm of pervasive cruising at YMCAs nationwide.

“Having received this assurance from management, Keister relied on this reassurance and continued to make use of the facility.

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