Performance counter not updating

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Performance counter not updating - Chat rooms for teens and older no sign ups

How to use Windows Perfmon in an efficient way to troubleshoot performance.

We can only have , but we can add several Performance Monitor into the same MMC.These settings determine how much data we can observe at the same time in one Perfmon windows.Very often it is not only interesting to see the value at one given moment, but the see how the performance counters fluctuates during several hours.Right click Performance Monitor and select Properties.On the General tab we the default settings as above: Sample Every and Duration.Just add the same counters, but set different Duration and Sample and we can switch between those depending on the need.

See the example above where the saved MMC console have several snapins with pre-configured counters for CPU available for display over both 8 hours and 15 minutes.On Windows 2008/R2 we can show up to 1000 “points in time” values in the same view.That is: on the same screen we have space for 1000 different performance reads and we must decide how to use them.Default is to only see the last 100 seconds (1 minute and 40 seconds) which is way to short to use for anything. However, since we can only display 1000 points in time we must set the “Sample Every” to a correct number.So first determine the length of time we want to study. The basic formula for this is that “Duration” divided with “Sample Every” must not be higher than 1000.This allows you the later save all settings and reuse another day or on another server. In another post I will describe the most interesting counters for measuring CPU, Memory, Disk, Networking, Active Directory and other.

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