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While Xio is kissing Frederick in the closet, he pictures that Victor (one of his soccer buddies) is kissing him instead.

However, the most important word in book is maricon. Another hint that Frederick might be gay is that he enjoys when Victor gives him a headlock or throws his arm around his shoulders. Frederick enjoys feeling Victor’s muscles pressed up against him. Some GBLT people do not come to the realization until they are older, while some go through it in high school, and some when they are even younger than that. However, when people ask him if he is gay, he turns offensive and mad.Frederick’s struggle is relatable to readers who have gone through similar struggles; for those who haven’t his struggle shows how difficult discovering and admitting to your sexuality can be. However, he continues to think about it, asking his father what he thinks of gay people.These games are also great for the times when you don’t feel like talking about yourself and you simply want some company!

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Other boys teasing of a boy named Iggy first starts Frederick’s questions. The major turning point for Frederick, however, is during a party hosted by Xio.

They were playing a version of musical chairs where the one left standing has to go into the closet with someone.

Girls, bullying, off hand comments, fantasies about boys, and new friends, especially another boy who may be gay, all play into his epiphany about his sexuality.

This internal struggle is something that GLBT readers can relate to.

Xio wants to date Frederick, but he's not sure he feels the same way; he's not sure he likes girls that way.