Play adult chat games

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Have your guests toss some ideas in a hat and split up into teams to get the party started.This fun game requires you to think fast and call upon random knowledge.

Bet with money for the real deal or keep things light and friendly and play for the title of winner, not for cash.

Each card from deck prompts either you or the rest of the group to drink.

All you need to get a lively game of Pictionary going is a large whiteboard or pad of paper and a few markers.

All you need to get a lively game of charades going is a pen, paper, and hat or bowl.

While you can use apps other methods to automatically come up with celebrity names, funny nouns, and verbs, nothing beats having all your friends contribute their own ideas to the pot.

While you don't technically need a physical game to play this well-known drinking game, it never hurts to have some cards to get the revealing game going.

It requires you and your friends to divulge scandalous things that you've never done.

It's perfect for an intimate night in and isn't so involved that you won't be able to chat and socialize throughout the game.

A game of wits and bluffs, this quirky board game challenges you and your friends to make up definitions for real things in an attempt to trick your opponents into thinking you're telling the truth.

You'll be dealt cards with funny sayings on them and it's up to you to use them to caption each meme that's on display every round.

Whoever plays the caption deemed the funniest wins.

Anyone who has done something named by another player is rewarded with a drink.