Playstation 3 not updating games

12-Nov-2019 05:33 by 4 Comments

Playstation 3 not updating games - personal online dating guide

To further compound the problem, in years past we’ve seen DDo S (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks launched against game networks right around the holiday.In 2014, for example, a large DDo S attack against both the Play Station Network and Xbox Live brought both networks to their knees and made everything from updating your console to even playing online nearly impossible for players around the world.

Which, let’s face it, you probably haven’t updated this system in a while if you’re one of the over 94 million PS4 owners.The last thing you want on Christmas Day is for your kids to be unable to play the game console they’ve waited so long to enjoy.Read on as we highlight why you need to pre-game your console gift giving experience.Apparently because some people might possibly use it in a way that Sony didn't intend. Army did just that, buying more than 2,000 PS3s to build a supercomputer.The EFF has the whole backstory: The backstory is that Sony provided the Other OS feature in order to support IBM's Cell Project, which produced the PS3's CPU and made it practical to use PS3 consoles as compute nodes for a scientific supercomputer. Lots of hobbyists also made use of the Other OS feature, using it to write their own games and creatively repurpose their PS3s.Isn't it time that someone created a movement to highlight what products you actually own once you've bought them?

Who would have thought we’d still be talking about PS3 in 2019?But, it can go even further than that, where a product you thought you owned can be irrevocably changed without your permission, long after you bought it.Take, for example, the recent story of Sony deleting a feature on the PS3 that let users (not owners, apparently) install other operating systems, such as Linux. Sony announced that when the next PS3 firmware upgrade comes along, it'll wipe out this feature, whether you used it or not.Seeing as how many gamers have moved on to the current generation and the PS4 has already outsold the PS3 by around 10 million units, it’s not surprising that this latest update doesn’t include anything substantial.Sony will probably still support PS3 for a few years to come, but it’s safe to say the system is basically dead. If a recent patent is any indication, we may not even need to dust off our PS3s, since PS5 might be backwards compatible for all home console Play Station games.This is, frankly, obnoxious -- and I half wonder if there will be a lawsuit over this.