Podcast not updating feedburner

28-Nov-2019 15:41 by 10 Comments

Podcast not updating feedburner - Adultschat us

Feed Burner does not process feeds that are larger than 512K.

It turned out that W3 Total Cache was caching my feeds, which was why there was always a long delay in the feed being updated. All you have to do is visit the page cache section at

Most people who use Feedburner activate this right away but if you haven’t it’s worth doing.

Pingshot automatically checks your site every 30 minutes.

If it hasn’t been updated, reduce the number of posts until the feed displays correctly or perhaps change from full feed to excerpt temporarily.

RSS feeds are vital for delivering your latest content to your subscribers.

Pingshot is a feature of Feedburner that ensures that RSS readers are informed when your feed has been updated.

You can activate this via the publicize section of Feedburner.

I knew that W3 page caching wasn’t stopping the WP Mods RSS feed from updating so I had to look into another solution. One of the options it offers is resyncing your feed. After attempting to resync my feed, Feedburner advised that the problem with my feed was due to the RSS feed file size being more than 512kb.

This was something that I hadn´t known about before.

Most services that update Facebook and Twitter rely on feeds to update.

This means that if your Feedburner feed isn’t being updated; no one will know that you have new content.

It was a pain in the ass to track down too, because the raw feed of this blog displayed in IE and could be subscribed to in feed readers without problems, yet tools like Feed Validator and the W3C feed validator insisted that there was no feed or an error.