Questions for christian dating

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So, here are questions As a single person, do you ever feel that something’s wrong with you?

comparable dating ages “just be friends,” and if so, how?

How do you handle the fear of being alone in your old age, with no one to care for you?

What do healthy “boundaries” look like as a single person?

Am I always going to feel this sad about being single, or are there seasons to it?

What does it mean to be “content” in my singleness? Why are holidays so lonely for me, and should I start making different holiday traditions as a single person so that they’re not so horrible?

In my present station in life, I have the joy of ministering among women of various life-stages, circumstances, cultures, and geographical locations. We’re family in the Lord Jesus, and this must shape how we talk about singleness among Christians.

Because I’m single, many of these women ask me questions publicly and privately about singleness and ministry among single people. Below, I’ve compiled the questions women most often ask me.With regard to contemporary dating practices, what’s off-limits for Christians?What does it look like to date Christianly as an older single?I’m often reminded how important it is that we single people engage in fellowship with men and women in different life-stages and circumstances (and vice versa! Our whole-body fellowship helps to cultivate empathy for brothers and sisters in Christ who are lonely , or who have children rebelling against Christ, or who are impoverished, or who battle chronic illness, or . Pastor, as you are preaching through the Scriptures and thinking about applying the text, you might consider whether your text addresses questions like these.If you dealt with one a week for a year, consider how equipped single people would be!How do you deal with sadness and jealousy when a friend gets engaged/married, or announces she’s pregnant, or talks about her sex life?