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The originator of the "bat out of hell" addition admitted that it was a fabrication, intended as a joke to prove how some religious folk will accept a totally outrageous story without checking it out.

Trinity also published an article on their Internet mailing list.It was allegedly translated from the original Finnish newspaper Ammennusastia.The story involves a team of geologists in Siberia who were drilling a well 14.4 kilometers (9 miles) into the earth to study the makeup of the earth's crust.No one was quite able to specify exactly which show or which episode was involved.It was said that you could connect the 13 stars with lines that would spell out 666, the number associated with the Antichrist in the biblical Book of Revelation.In the early 1990's a couple in Kansas was found to have spread the rumor; P & G was awarded ,000 in damages.

They have filed at least 15 lawsuits against individual rumor mongers.They figured that the story was so outrageous that nobody would treat it seriously. Of course, there was no deep well to Hell, and no sounds of the damned.However, you can hear an online recording that is claimed to contain the screams of the inhabitants of Hell.This is a reverse CUL; it is a rumor that is anti-conservative Christian in nature.Rather than support the estimates by many Christian and Jewish conservatives that the earth is between 5 and 10 millennia old, this legend says that radio-carbon dating has determined that the age of the earth is about 4.5 billion years. Radio-carbon dating loses accuracy as you go farther back into the past. Scientists compute older dates by using longer lived radio isotopes, like potassium-argon or iridium-lead. Over time, the cross evolved into a star, then the single star became 13 stars - one for each of the 13 American colonies. It was presented as a documentary of Satanic Ritual Abuse, and triggered a Satanic panic throughout North America.They allegedly lowered microphones into the hole and were stunned to hear the screams of people suffering in horrible agony.