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Guess that's what happens when a "basketball wife" starts dating outside the basketball arena, and can't talk about the basketball player who's the father of her child? But he's standing by me and supporting me and knows what's BS and what's not." Exec producer O' Neal said she's in talks to cast a replacement for Reed, whom she said is building up hype in the hopes that fans fight for her to stay.

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In fact, Reed has already prepared a concise bullet point list to make it easier on the media.According to Reed: While custody battles are certainly no walk in the park, when children are involved it's often best not to let the battle turn into a three ring circus.Reed might be shooting herself in the foot because emotions may be fleeting, but a blog post lasts forever.He might see a preview and he'll call me and be like, ' Oh my God, what's going to happen?' " RELATED: Shaquille O' Neal conducts the Boston Pops [Video] Why so trendy, Dwyane Wade? Rumors had been flying around the VH1 reality show as NBA All-Star weekend approached, with sources saying that O' Neal's model-boyfriend Yates had has buying gifts for Dwight Howard's baby mama, allegedly with O' Neal's money. "Royce is not guaranteed to come back for Season 3. "And she can't talk about her son, she can't talk about Dwight, and it's no connection any more, and the legal part of it has almost gotten more strict." O' Neal said her boyfriend, Yates -- a runway model and actor who is shooting two pilots -- never really interacts with Reed outside of Twitter or social events, and has been dragged unwillingly into the drama.

We are really trying to come up with something else and she's aware of it," O' Neal told the Ministry in a phone interview. "He's been extremely supportive and patient, and I'm so appreciative," she said, "because it's dumb stuff like this that can really mess up somebody's relationship.

At the same time, Howard may want to be wary in how he decides to move forward, because it seems as if Reed may have a few little secrets up her sleeves and has no qualms about playing dirty.

The prolonged dispute between the American reality star Royce Reed and her ex-boyfriend Dwight Howard over their son remained for eight years.

He once said he wanted to put a cross into the NBA logo. It was a beautiful surprise, though.”This happiness didn’t last long as Reed ended up taking Howard to court in April, 2008 for child support.

Another time, he acknowledged writing the following phrase on the wall over his bed while in high school:“Royce and Dwight are very happy. How close they are, well, you’d have to talk to them. No word on how Dwight justifies failing to pay child support from the biblical perspective either.

And according to O' Neal, Reed picked fights with cast members Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams during the taping of the reunion show last Saturday.