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Ranking high for the right keywords is the way to achieve online visibility for your business. It will simplify your operations and will minimize time necessary for everyday routine operations.Sape will get you a steady flow of motivated customers ready to use your services.

The new feature is available within the Home tab of the GMB dashboard: Tests show that Google seems to be prioritizing displaying answers from the actual Q&A section.

RESERVE WITH GOOGLE FEATURES NEW PARTNERS Google was reported partnering with Trip Advisor in order to enable customers to buy tickets directly from Knowledge Panels.

A NEW SEARCH COMMANDS Google brought out a set of new commands that allow you to filter your searches based on a specific time frame.

For now if you’re managing more than one listing, you are not allowed to claim short names in bulk.

In addition to this update, Google announced the official release of a new type of “What’s new posts”.

NEW WAYS TO GET MORE ENGAGEMENT ON YOUR GMB LISTING A recently launched GMB feature makes it easy for you to popularize your Google My Business listing.

You can create a short name and a short URL by using the following format[yourcustomname] for marketing materials like flyers, business cards and posters.This will eventually increase your company's revenue. Improve your site stats Link placement is an important factor of site ranging. The short URL sends out customers to your business profile on Google Maps.If you include “/review” to the end of your URL, people will be redirected to a page where they can directly rate your business.Now the content including photos, text posts, and videos from consumer Google accounts is being deleted.

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