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For tips on accessing census records online, see Illinois Census.See Mc Henry County, IL census assignments, including links to transcribed files. Locally abstracted census indexes are often more accurate than national indexes. See Mc Henry Deaths for information about the mortality schedule.

Other groups of compiled biographies include: Federal Census Federal population schedules 1830-1930 for Mc Henry County are available online.This Board established precincts (townships would come later), set the rate for taxable property, and began the process of laying out roads and determining the location for the county seat.Because Lake County wasn't divided off until March of 1839, early Lake County information is included.Database also includes traffic violations, small claims, and criminal complaints.This database includes approximately 3,400 names found in governmental records involving the servitude and emancipation of Africans and, occasionally, Indians in the French and English eras of colonial Illinois (1722–1790) and African-Americans in the American period of Illinois (1790–1863).Because the index contains thousands of entries, searchers may need to include a date range as well as surname, to ensure that the oldest records are included in the results.

Records from the original leather-bound first volume of the Mc Henry County Commissioners’ Court Minutes from 1837 - 1848 are available in PDF format online at the County Recorder's site, as well.

The Archives extracted the names of servants, slaves, or free persons and masters, witnesses, or related parties from selected governmental records to produce this database. The following have information concerning African American research.

A short Mc Henry County history is found on the Mc Henry County Government site.

The following copies or indexes are available: Other libraries also hold copies of abstracted Mc Henry County church records. See Illinois Court Records for information about how to use county court records.

22nd Judicial Circuit Court, Public Case Access to search for family court cases.

Adding to the coverage and uniqueness of the files are early newspaper clippings which were originally collected by the Mississippi Cooperative Extension Service and circulated upon request.