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However, it should be said that the Midsingles who “love their family ward” should consider attending the Mixed Midsingles/Family Ward instead to help other Midsingles who need their example and support.5) Attending the Mixed Midsingles/Family Ward is considered a privilege, so less active records of Midsingles are to remain in their home family ward.

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So there are family ward boundaries for families of all ages, and then Midsingles (and their children if they are single parents) living within the stake can also attend that ward as well.

Generally home teaching assignments to Midsingles falls under the stewardship of the Elders Quorum, while home teaching assignments to older Single Adults falls under the stewardship of the High Priests.

7) Mixed Midsingles/Family Wards should ideally be located in the same building in the same YSA Ward that feeds into it, to help with transition from the YSAs into the Midsingles.

As a result, many 30-something Midsingles feel kicked to the curb after leaving the YSA Ward and feel the Church has no place for them.

To better reach out to 30-something Midsingles and ensure YSAs stay active in the church after they turn 31, some stakes, under approval of their local Area Seventy, have created a Mixed Midsingles/Family Ward or Midsingles Magnet Ward.

This allows Midsingles to better support and fellowship each other, and is not viewed as being restrictive or reclusive from other ward members.

In addition to Midsingles home teaching and visit teaching each other, Midsingles may be given additional assignments to home teach or visit teach other families in the ward.

The first such Mixed Midsingles/Family Ward was created in Huntington Beach, California, the Huntington Beach 1 Ward Midsingles, in January 2004. These Mixed Midsingles/Family Wards that already exist (as shown in the outline) are family wards for ALL AGES.

However in addition to regular ward boundaries for all families of all ages, Midsingles within the stake can also attend the ward as well.

Like a magnet school, this is a magnet ward for Midsingles.

This allows the benefits of serving in the church with people of all ages, yet at the same time, you have a core group of 30-something Midsingles for social support as well in the ward. Below is an outline of how such a ward works and describes how there are other approaches that can better serve singles of all ages in addition to the existing all-age 31 Single Adult format.

2) Typically, a Mixed Midsingles/Family Ward is done only on a stake level (or 2 stakes if they have the same feeder YSA Ward) meaning only Midsingles (and their children if they are single parents) within the stake boundaries can have their records in the Mixed Midsingles/Family Ward.