Sophos 7 always view updating status

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If you end up hiding the Black Shield and want to get it back you can use Finder to navigate to Applications and click on the Sophos Anti-Virus application (which is a blue shield) this will load a blue shield on your dock where you can right click to see similar items seen using the Black Shield as follows: 1) Update Now : This checks for the latest update files.

At this time you can verify that the Black Shield is now on your menu bar by where the time is displayed.To keep your anti-virus protection up to date, the installer will connect (via the Internet) to Sophos and configure anti-virus updates.The Standard Install will take approximately 182 MB of hard disk space.The Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition Black Shield icon has 9 clickable selections as follows in the respective top down order. : This opens the Quarantine Manager to review and act.1) Update Now : This checks for the latest update files. 8) Hide Status in Menu Bar : This hides the Black Shield from the menu bar.The first time I ran it the Auto Update Status window showed that I was downloading 169 update files at about 5MB total.

Upon completion it stated that Sophos Anti-virus has been updated with a date and time stamp.

3) Show Status in Menu Bar : This brings the Black Shield back to your menu bar.

4) Scan Local Drives : This invokes the application to scan local drives.

Quit : This is standard Mac OS and quits the application.

When a threat is detected the blue shield icon appends an exclamation icon on top of the shield to further notify the user something has been detected. As a safety precaution I’d always recommend to run the Update Now selection under the Black Shield.

The DMG auto mounts (labled as “Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edition OS X 10.4 ”) on a default Mac system and opens a window with a two step process.