Staryl of sex

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Staryl of sex - do not call him dating

And on the other side you had the ravishing redhead whom he knew since he was little.Who was also hot and who was an expert at milking since she grew up on a farm. When they were teenagers and Clark started to peep at Lana´s booming body with his x - ray vision he tried to prank her by sending her into the barn to milk a cow but instead of a cow it was a grown bull. After Lana had entered the barn the bull started to make some strange noises that sounded like the neighbour´s stallion when they brought him to the breed mare and after a while she came out with two full buckets !

I think the last version of Supergirl I enjoyed was the one in George Perez BRAVE AND THE BOLD because George just makes everybody shine.

And the only thing that prevented Superman from doing this was not the feeling that this might be wrong but because there was a kryptonian law against it.

And it got even worse when Superman finally fond a suitable candidate in Staryl who looked like an adult version of Supergirl.

Anyway, there are a few things about Supergirl that I wanted to address but going through my posts I found out that I had only written about some of the things I had in mind.

What I already wrote about are the problems with the Legion of Super - Heroes that arose from the 80s relaunch by John Byrne that erased her entire shared history with the Legion.

Supergirl is just lucky that they only kissed a lot because I think Superman would have tried to convince his cousin it was necessary to consummate the marriage or otherwise their cover would be blown.

I´M GONNA TAKE MY SUPER HORSE AND RIDE ´TILL I CAN´T NO MORE Anyway, this weren´t even Supergirl´s worst dates because she also made out with her super horse which had turned into a guy.He always acted like he was annoyed by the constant schemes of Lois Lane and Lana Lang to get him to marry them but I think he also enjoyed the attention and loved the idea of having two hot women fighting over him.Which could have been ruined if his cousin Supergirl were always hanging around.The next phase in Supergirl´s history was what I like to call the WEIRD & UNFORTUNATE phase and that´s putting it mildly because when Supergirl was not busy disguising herself ( hmm, there really was a lot of that going on ) and kissing Jimmy Olsen to lift the curse of the werewolf Superman instead of being a Superdick tried to put his big superdick into Supergirl.Yes, Superman and Supergirl were kissing cousins in the worst way.They didn´t end up as a couple as Earth´s sun was like kryptonite to Staryl but Superman was all ready to get busy with a Supergirl lookalike. That´s right, way back in ACTION COMICS 260 in the story called Mighty Maid Superman has had enough of Lois constant attempts to get him to marry her so he finds himself Mighty Maid whom he intends to marry.

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