Sweet dee is dating a retarded person quotes

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Sweet dee is dating a retarded person quotes

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Dee and Dennis' Nazi grandfather 'Pop Pop' took them to a Neo-Nazi summer camp in 1981 .She is the twin sister of Dennis Reynolds, and the legal daughter of Frank and Barbara Reynolds.Dee considers herself a member of The Gang that runs Paddy's, although the rest of the gang often disagrees with this assertion.For help on how to create a recap page, please check out Recap, currently under construction.The following are groups of pages that have one or more problems and are in need of Wiki Magic love.Dee's best friend in High School was Ingrid Nelson, also known as "Fatty Magoo".

Matthew Mara ("Rickety Cricket") had a crush on Dee in high school and she tricked him into eating a horse turd with the promise of a kiss; after he ate the turd, she refused to kiss him because "his breath smelled like shit" .

Frank's wealth allowed the two siblings to grow up in a higher social class than the rest of the gang, and Dee and Dennis seem to believe that they are still in that class .

In high school, she dated Brad Fisher who also dated The Waitress.

Although Dee identifies herself as a compassionate liberal, she is self-centered, vain, careless, and often holds the same prejudices as the rest of the Gang.

She is highly sensitive about her appearance and her professional failings.

Dee lived alone in her apartment with her cat , they have to move in with her and an old black man joins in Season 11 ("Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs[1]).