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It has a very round head with rounded cheeks which give it a jowly appearance, especially in the male.They get along wonderfully with children and other family pets and have been known to protect their families from real or supposed danger.If given the chance, they are still great hunters, and a house with a Manx will certainly never have to worry about rodents.Shorthairs should have an outer coat which is somewhat hard and glossy, although softer coats can be seen in whites and dilutes due to a color/texture link.The longhair has a silky coat which is medium in length, with breeches, abdomen, and neck ruff being longer than the coat on the main body.All other tail lengths may compete in the AOV (all other varieties) class.

Tailed cats are valuable in Manx breeding programs and help to keep the Manx strong and healthy.

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Medium in size, they are widely spaced and set slightly outward. Manx come in both longhair and shorthair varieties.

Both varieties have double coats which should be very dense and plush.

The Manx are very playful and intelligent cats who are devoted to their families.

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