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The team partnered with Crosswater Digital Media to film seventh- and eighth-grade students at Enterprise Charter School using 360-degree cameras to create scenarios for pre-service teachers in handling classroom management. George, vice chairman of Crosswater Digital Media, calls this teaching strategy the “next best way to teach.” St.George has used similar techniques for medical students when teaching anatomy.

Sie können sogar gemeinsam mit der ganzen Klasse spielen und Ideen entwickeln, indem Sie Ihre Lehrenden-Plattform mit einem interaktivem Whiteboard verbinden.You can see the results of the semi-finals here, or check out everyone's final standings in the online phase of the game here.The Student Investor Challenge is the UK's premier investment competition with over 400,000 students from 2,500 schools benefiting from the experience in previous years.A collaboration of the Neurocognition Science Laboratory and the Teacher Education Institute in the UB Graduate School of Education, the virtual reality classroom is meant to supplement existing clinical opportunities, according to Richard Lamb, GSE associate professor and director of the Neurocognition Science Laboratory.VIDEO: https://youtu.be/TLd B69Dqgf Q“This is meant as a training simulator for pre-service and in-service teachers to garner experience in dealing with situations such as difficult student behaviors, teaching methods, classroom management in general and other activities as needed,” Lamb says.“So when the teaching student steps into the classroom, they have some idea of what to do.”The training simulator Lamb compared to a teacher flight simulator uses an emerging computer technology known as virtual reality.

Becoming more popular and accessible commercially, virtual reality immerses the subject in what Lamb calls “three-dimensional environments in such a way where that environment is continuous around them.” An important characteristic of the best virtual reality environments is a convincing and powerful representation of the imaginary setting.“It’s not meant to fully replace clinical opportunities for teaching students,” says Lamb, who is co-principal investigator of the project with Elisabeth Etopio, director of UB’s Teacher Education Institute and interim assistant dean for teacher education.

“So direct practice using responsive language within virtual reality environments has enormous potential.”The fact that the seventh- and eighth-grade students at Enterprise Charter School had so much fun playing the part of unruly students while filming the pre-service video was a bonus, according to the school’s teachers and administrators.

The four students who simulated disruptive students for filming the virtual reality program were chosen by Rebekah Lamb the same morning Crosswater Digital recorded their role-playing behavior on camera.

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