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As We Once Were, Red Angel Dragnet, Four Letter Words, Slampt Records, the Wednesdays, the Fuses. Oh, there is a lot to remember, and think about, and contemplate. I'm thankful to have such good peeps in my life and I send my thanks to all of you who made my visit rock so hard! I'm surprised in many ways that it's only been^20 years 'cause I'm coming up on 16 years myself with Slug & Lettuce and it seems to me that MRR had been around forever when I started my zine. After all, I was 15 and doing a silly photocopied zine that really was rather clueless, while MRR was MRR — the "Bible" of punk rock for all us young punks all around the globe. Red Scare, Put Downs, Out Cold, Geraldine, Michael Knight, CBGa V, Pillage People. I have to remember that so many of those familiar faces are familiar for a good reason.

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Please send all records, zines, letters, articles, scene reports, photos, subscriptions, interviews, ads, etc., to: MAXIMUMROCKNROLL PO BOX 460760 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94146-0760 Phone (415) 923-9814 [email protected](use this mainly for comments & letters. Forgotten Rebels, Dirtys, Josh Collins, American Steel, Letterbombs, Gyogun Rend's, Go-Devils, Room 41, Tone Deaf Pig Dogs, Garage Rats #179/April ‘98. " when we know that if it was, it would cease to be special. ALL WORK IS DONATED AND NO ONE RECEIVES ANY SALARY. As I was getting teary-eyed knowing I wouldn't see Arwen or Adrienne for quite some time. So I send some huge hugs and kisses and massive thanks to Karoline and Robert 'cause you guys are the bestl And mad love and hugs to Adrienne, Wendy, Arwen, Aaron, Mike, Fly, Sascha, and Atom — you all make my life better. We do album and DVD reviews, as well as some other shit, but definitely from a different perspec- tive. And also just plain obscene in some parts, so I guess I should say, be over 18 or something. •Japan, Australia, New Zealand: eaqh (air) or .50 (surface). (US dollars) •Everywhere else: each (air) or .50 (surface). Minckler Jennifer Mushnick Mimi Nguyen Donna Poole Sandra Ramos Trent Reinsmith Will Risk Heather Ryan Denise Scilingo Steve Spinali Max Tremblay Ryan Wells Jeff Yih Gordon Zola ZINE CONTRIBUTORS Mykel Board Bill Florio Ted Rail Mark Murrmann Felix Von Havoc Scott Soriano Dave Dictor Jessica Mills Chris Bickell Wells Tipley Erin Yanke Henry Yu Lonnie Fresno Brian GTA Renee Byrnes Hector Jaime Dave Beekerman Dylan & Corbett Nathan Berg George Tabb Renae Bryant Mark Hanford Jose Palafox John Ringhoff Chris(tine) Boarts Crimeth INC Tony Arena Jason Valdez Queenie Jacob David Mouk Chuck Fuck Franco Jess Threat Dan Hoffman Stephe Perry John Geek Confessions of a Former High School Cheerleader #1 Rad Party #28 Crude Noise #2 Razorcake #17 No Pasaran #7 Spare Change #13 Busca y Destruye #2 Trash Faction #3 Drop Out #5 Zine World: A Reader’s Guide #17 ZINE COORDINATORS Arwen Curry Mike Thom MAXIMUMROCKNROLL MAXIMUMROCKNROLL MAXIMUMROCKNROLL MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL IS A MONTHLY PUBLICATION. I'm glad that I can recognize them when they are happening 'cause it somehow makes it all that much better and more intense and meaningful. Fokkcwolf, Flesh Eating Creeps, Aside, Hoppin' Mad. Somehow just know- ing that I was there, tnat I was somehow a part of it, was impor- tant and meaningful enough to me. And find- ing your place with in that time frame and perspective can be even funnier. We wheatpasted all of the covers from every issue of MRR on the walls of Gilman prior to the two days of shows celebrat- ing the anniversary. One of those moments that mean a lot in the large scheme of things, even it it's not so easy to put into words. Being around other people who I love and admire and who are filled with such great creative energy. At the end of the second night of shows when it was all coming to a close, the band equipment was being loaded up, the record stalls were being packed away, people were drifting away, and I was running around saying goodbye to my friends...

Los Crudos, Burning Kitchen, Henry Fiat's Open Sore, Polythene. And this whole thing about peers — has become really significant to me. Drunk, ESL, Ambition Mission, Lord High Fixers, Cripple Bastards, Dig Dug, Federation X, Amulet, Valentine Killers. Harum Scarum, Raw Power, Unseen, Pekinska Patka, Hudson Falcons, Dementia 13, Confine, Allergic to Whores. Le Shok, the Commies, the Chemo Kids, Day of Mourning, Affront, Diaspora, Whippersnapper, Hopeless/Sub City , Prank, Countdown to Oblivion #209/Oct ‘00. I have to remember that good food can be found any- where even if burritos in five minutes are not around. Born Dead Icons, From Ashes Rise, the Voids, the Guilty Pleasures, x Limpwristx. I have to remember that walking rules and that being mobile and ready to go at a moment's notice is a good feeling of freedom. ★★ 1/6 page: (2 3/8" x 5") 1/3 page long: (2 3/8" x 10") 1/3 page square: (5" x 4 7/8") 1/2 page: (7 1/4" x 5") 5 AD CRITERIA: We will not accept major label or related ads, or ads for comps that include major label bands. KILL THE HIPPIES-Exterminate-EP VILENTLY ILL-LP SUPERHELICOPTER LTD.-My Soul-EP TEENAGE REJECTS-Teenage Trash Vol.2-EP TYRADES-I Got a Lot-EP MOORAT FINGERS-Achtung Duschbag-EP ATOMSMASHERS-Alright-45 HOT POCKETS-Kiss ‘n’ Run-LP LEG HOUNDS-XOXO-EP CRISPY NUTS-I Heart Crispy Nuts-LP FUDGE/TOTSUGEKI SENSYA-split EP QUEERWULF-Cockroach City-EP SMALLTOWN-Fall Into Line-EP V/A-No Core-LP GRABASS CHARLESTONS /BILLY REESE PETERS -LP VANING 5-VArldens Storsta Demikrati-EP DUDMAN-Fu Hatsu Damn Otoko-EP BLASTONECROSIS-Blood of Our Foes-EP TOTALITAR-Allting Ar Pa L&tsas-EP BEHIND ENEMY LINES-Know You r Enemy-LP | QUEERWOLF-Cockroach City-EP SMALLTOWN-Fall Into Line-EP SUICIDE FILE-The Purple Dawn-EP TEENAGE REJECTS-Teenage Trash Vol.2-EP | TOTALITAR-Allting Ar Pk Latsas-EP RIFFS-Dead End Dream-LP/SKINT-CD STOMPEDE-Jo Anny Ta-EP/TANKA RAY-CD OVERSPILL-Who’s War-EP LUTECE BORGIA-Dans La Boue-EP ^A-No Core: 1982 Hardcore-LP BREAD & WATER/SKARP-live SELFISH-Burning Sensation-LP APATIA NO/RASH-split EP/SMALLTOWN-EP VIRGINIA BLACK LUNG-Gentrifuckers-EP All Bands That Played MRR Anniversary Bash JOHN WILKES BOOZE-Whiskey & Booze-EP DECAY-Dead Brain-EP MOORAT FINGERS-Achtung Duschbag-EP MR. OLD GIRLS-split EP 'A-Red Snerts-LP TEENAGE REJECTS-Teenage Trash Vol.2-EP | TYRADES-I Got a Lot-EP JEWWS-I Need Your Lovin’-EP RIFFS-Dead End Dream-LP SKELETT-Shut Your Piehole-LP Peter Avery Michelle Bamhardt Tim Brooks Kat Case Robert Collins Carl Cordova Andy Darling Aaron Detroit Jonathan Floyd Jeff Glave Jax Grime Lance Hahn Harald Hartmann Missy Hennings Vince Horner Chloe Jensen Carolyn Keddy Aragom Jerry Booth Amy Browne Karoline Collins Rob Coons Paul Curran Mikel Delgado Adrienne Droogas Gardner Fusuhara Doug Grime Katja Gussmann Chris Hall Jeff Heermann Tom Hopkins George Impulse Kenny Kaos Melissa Klein Dulcinea Loudmouth Gabe Lucas Michael Lucas Jesse Luscious Bobby Manic Jeff Mason Allan Mc Naughton C. Public, Sex Offenders, Ballgagger, Business, Apocalypse Babys, Good Riddance. Jet Bumpers, Steel Miners, Divisia, Lopo Drido, Red #9, Nothing Cool, Sink, Sires, Newtown Grunts. Phantom Surfers, Candy Snatchers, the Stain, National Guard, Torches To Rome, Restos Fosiles, Two Bo’s Maniacs, Snuka, Redemtion 87, Torture Killy. Last Sons of Krypton, Prostitutes, Wig Hat, Boys, Let It Rock, Enemy Soil, Vulcaneers, Half Empty, Zeros, Deadcats, Teen Idles. Walking Abortions, Hickey, 'll Spreads, Sanity Assassins, Cards In Spokes, Joey Tampon & The Toxic Shocks, Adjective Noun, Suicide King, Lenguas Armadas, Trauma, De Crew. Grand Theft Audio, No Fraud, Gauze, Nobodys, Sloppy Seconds, Danko Jones, Viceroys, Forgotten. Cretin 66, Fishsticks, UK Subs, Distemper, Encwetak, Fields Of Shit. Hand Skin, Cluster Bomb Unit, Jihad, Purgcn, Speed Queens, Remission, Halflings, The Old Man, Deface. Bristle, Mine, Tcdio Boys, The 4 Cockroaches, Absconded, Meanwhile. Withdrawals, Judgement, No Motiv, Oppressed Logic, Trucnts, Left For Dead, Ycllowskin, Weird Lovcmakcrs, Smash Your Face, Flatus, Straight Faced, Klaxon, X-It. Hot Water Music, Fat Day, Los Tigres Guapos, Lcs Partisans, Bristols, My 3 Scum, Space Shits, Pcssimiscr Rees, Reclusives, Nick Qwik. Stratford Mercenaries, Lickity Split, Bladder, Piss Shivers, Barnhills, In/Humanity, Education theme issue. One Man Army, Those Unknown, Boiling Man, Piao Chong, Exploding Crustaceans, Last Year's Youth, Hcartdrops, Dirty Burds, Dimestore Haloes. Scared of Chaka, Voorhees, Stalingrad, Upstairs People, Squid Boy, Izgoy, Beltones, Sky Grain, 1,4,5s, Ducky Boys, JCCCamp. Knowing that it's a moment that will last, that you will hold onto and say "I remem- ber when," or "I was there when," simply frozen in time and full of feeling. COLD SWEAT/HOMO ERADICUS-live SELFISH-Burning Sensation-LP CAUSTIC CHRIST-EP/I. F./HOW-split EP CONSTRICTED-Struggle-EP/COJOBA-EP FORCED VENGEANCE-Stay-EP DOHHA POOLE CIVIC MINDED 5-E=CM5-LP DEAD ONES-Busted Heads-EP KILL THE HIPPIES-Exterminate-EP LO-BUDGETS-Oh Yeah-EP MOORAT FINGERS-Achtung Duschbag-EP mrnmrn BALZAC-Atom Age Vampires-2x LP V/A-Brewed in Sweden-2x LP TOTALITAR-Allting Ar Pa Latsas-EP KERMITS FINGER-Jacques Jon Benet-10” DISTURBAN CE-Live on to Decline-EP Iff OTifl v ANING 5-Varldens Storsta Demikrati-EP BEHIND ENEMY LINES-Know Your Enemy-LP FORCED VENGEANCE-Stay-EP QUEERWULF-Cockroach City-EP TOTALITAR -EP/CAUSTIC CHRIST-EP msm. Bottom Feeders, Turbonegro, Murder Junkies, Junior, Assfort, Retch Records, Com-Fract, Dead End Kids. Snort, Hatchetface, Little Ugly Girls, ADZ, Oxymoron, NOTA, Stun Guns, Surfin' Turnips, Gutfiddlc, Karen Monster, Dimestorc Haloes. Motards, Subincision, Stisism, Donnas, Stallions, Count Backwards. Public Toys, Crunch, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, Nails Of Hawaiian, Splash 4, Yawp! Sub Rosa, Mindsnarc, TMT, H-Block, B-Sides, Fallout, Frcnzal Rhomb, Lawnsmell, One Inch Punch, Chickenshit, No Deal. Against All Authority, The Criminals, Wardance, Heroines, Brain Brats, Rudiments, Chinese Millionaires, Sons Of Hercules, Your Mother, Yellow Scab. Workin' Stiffs, The Gain, Ashley Von Hurter, Haters, The Process, Brother Inferior, Judge Nothing, Break-ups, Not For Rent. Smugglers, Brand New Unit, Tone Deaf Pig-Dogs, Round Ear Spocks, David Hayes/Very Small Rees, Man Afraid, Blind Side, Vox Populi, Death Wish Kids, Fun People, Fat Drunk & Stupid. Automatics, Boycot, Toast, Morning Shakes, Mormons, John Q. Strychnine, Idiots, Pelado Rees, Misanthropist^, Racctraitor, Violent Society, Knuckleheads, #172/Sept ‘97. Submachine, Dropout, Society Gone Madd, Pinhead Circus, Ann Berctta. There is really something about being in the moment and knowing the moment is good. NEWSSTAND circulation through Big Top Newsstand Services, a division of the IPA. A good show often brings people from afar, and bands from other places, and it all comes together and is sometimes sad to see end at the nights close.

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