The benefits of dating a younger man

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The benefits of dating a younger man

Ladies, I am living this with my new husband who is, in fact, three years older than I am. ) I think in this, men and women tend to be the same.A relationship is harder when you both know literally everything, right?

Ladies, do not judge or hate on your friends who only date younger guys.

Most younger men haven’t had to deal with these issues up to this point in their lives. Younger men want to please you in the bedroom and they are very eager to be told what to do. Now, personally, I personally happened to find older men loves this too so there is hope, but younger men, in general, are ready and willing to learn. An older woman already knows what she likes and how to achieve her goals in the bedroom. Depending on your sexual preferences, this may be a huge plus. Being young, habits and routines are usually less set in stone.

Younger men do not come with preconceived “rules” for the bedroom and have that “I’ll try anything once” attitude. Younger men are eager to please and are more willing to change something you hate without too much fuss. An older man who has always lived in the same town or worked for the same company is less willing to take a leap of faith and start a new business, for example.

In fact, some women who have done it swear that younger men are easier to be in relationships with and tend to their needs better than men their own age.

Even though an age difference might pose challenges for couples, there are benefits of being an older woman and dating a younger man, especially if he's someone who's ready to make a commitment .

We all have preferences and this is perfectly fine.

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider dating a younger man.

Younger men already know as an older woman, you just know more as you have LIVED.

They may be more willing to defer to you for advice and this feels awesome. Depending on your preferences, this could be a huge power-trip for a lady.

Older men are more likely to have been married which means they have been divorced (or should be if they are dating!

), they may have children or grandchildren and tend to have more commitments than their younger counterparts.

Younger men dating older women are often attracted BECAUSE we seem to have it together.