Tite cam

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For applications that require higher temperature resistance and improved hardness, the Cam-Tite can be supplied with reinforced PTFE (RTFE) seats and stem seals.

Seats and seals of UHMWP provide exceptional service in high cycle applications.For applications involving flammable fluids, the Cam-Tite Ball Valve is available with seat and seals designated Firesafe.Most commonly supplied as reinforced PTFE, Firesafe seats incorporate secondary metal-to-metal seat rings and a special back seal for normal seat operation.This resistance is maintained in both acid and alkali media.G3000 PEEK G3000 PEEK combines the basic properties of the G2000 PEEK with that of carbon graphite and PTFE fillers, yielding a seating material with greater stability at higher temperatures and significantly reduced seating torque.Available in: aluminum, stainless steel, forged brass, cast brass, ductile iron and polypropylene.

If you feel you've received this message in error, please call e Commerce Customer Support at 800-753-7970 or send an email to [email protected] one of our support specialists will be happy to assist you.Steam Unlike most thermoplastics, G2000 PEEK will not hydrolize and is recommended for use in steam service and other high-temperature aqueous processes.Nuclear G2000 PEEK offers excellent resistance to embrittlement when exposed to gamma radiation.The company manufactures original premium quality camlock couplings that conform to MIL specifications.The EVER-TITE® original cam locking quick-coupling are ideal for quick, leakproof connections (without hand tools) for pipe, hose, tubing and tanks conveying liquids, powders, vapours and gases including cooling water, fuels, chemicals, cosmetics, foodstuffs, offshore, pumps, adhesives, dyes, pharmaceuticals, pellets and many more.The uniquely designed caged bonnet assembly allows the repair and replacement of all internal components simply by removing the bonnet bolts and lifting off the bonnet assembly.