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Over the next three years, Todd sharpened his eye in storyboarding, illustration and character design.Throughout this period, Todd privately experimented with style and concept, eventually arriving at a process which guides him through every piece.

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The impact is apparent in his paintings; Todd’s rat-pack-meets-Picasso style results, in part, from his desire to reveal his characters’ innermost thoughts and emotions on their faces.

Todd likens his portraits to his favorite episode of the “Twilight Zone” in which people wore masks that later became their faces and revealed who they truly were.

He creates timeless scenes of diverse attraction, of known intimacy.

Within the exaggerated features and textured skin of his characters lies truth, yours and theirs.

Then I develop each person’s story.”“Tickling The Ivory” Worldwide Edition of 135 Embellished Canvas on Board 30” X 22” Men looking to turn on the charm…

one more drink, one more funny story, “let me get that for you because when you look that good, if I’m lucky enough I’ll be tickling you in the morning.” I don’t think the girls are buying it…

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