Tom reedy dating william stracheys

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Tom reedy dating william stracheys - ltr abbreviation dating

Nevertheless, for your reading pleasure, I provide below a host of links and documents, including several full-length books as PDF files, that have been at the forefront of this so-called controversy. “He was like nothing, I told him, but the maniacs who embrace some bedlamitical theory of the cryptic character of Shakespeare.We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.

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Of course: alone of the three plays performed that week, it doesn’t have “Shaxberd” written next to it, it’s explicitly Spanish, and it’s called a tragedy. They’ve shoved in some corroborative fiddlestick on Shrovetide ritual drama and symbolism.

(I wonder what Ronald Hutton would think of their arguments?

So the Clown in Stritmatter and Kositsky have rewritten Shakespeare as a Holofernes.

Without a shadow of a shade of irony, they have remade him as a mirror of themselves (as they fondly imagine themselves): as a mirror of their re-imagined scholar-Oxford..

It’s no secret – there have been oodles of questions raised in the last 170 years about who wrote these plays and poems.

It’s also no secret – to those of you who’ve listened to Episode 6 – that I think the whole thing is a bundle of hokum.

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Or they must try to rip out the whole patch of late plays and Frankenstitch them onto Oxford’s work, where they look alien indeed: iridescent, black and bright at once, against his drab. You can't move that back to 1958, however desperately you want it to be Buddy Holly’s.

(This comparison is unfair to Buddy Holly, who is Gorboduc at least: full of primitive energy and innovation.

Ben knew that this scurvy crew of groundlings would have seen those plays—and seen them pretty recently.