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Topdatingadvice com

So if you`ve ever fancied yourself as online cupid they might just have the solution.They provide the technology, support and a ready made database containing hopeful singles who have already registered, you just deliver a branded front end. You get to share in the revenue and have an instant dating site of your very own.

My recommendation is to simply proceed with caution in the dating world, online or not. This from Peoria Journal Star ( Taking a Christian approach to finding love By MICHAEL MILLER Polly wasn’t meeting men at her church who were her age and were available for friendship and, possibly, dating leading to marriage.Connie Jinq, View Date’s founder, started View Date after hearing feedback from frustrated friends who had tried traditional speed dates and online dating. She realized that these flaws could make meaningful relationships difficult to foster.“View Date is the world’s first website to offer online speed dating services.The women, both of whom have other full-time jobs, aren’t making a profit on Cache Connections.So far, they said, they’re breaking even due to advertising costs.“We have a 12-page questionnaire that not only talks about the general characteristics of a person but also what their faith walk is.” “It’s definitely for marriage-minded people,” Martin said.

That’s something that even the membership contract states.

“They didn’t just come across like a cultural dating service,” he said. They really care about their clients.” The two women – both happily married, Martin for 23 years, Whitaker for 28 – studied up on Christian approaches to dating by reading such books as “What’s a Girl to Do? “We want to make sure everything we do is based on biblical standards and very pleasing to God.” When a client signs up for Cache Connections services, he or she gets not only personalized matchmaking services, but also petitions to heaven.

“We spend a lot of time in prayer over our clients and clients’ connections,” Whitaker said.

You don`t have to be a whiz-bang HTML boffin to get a site up and running any more.

Most tools are very general, but some are quite the opposite. Plenty More ( has the technology to allow you to build your own dating website based on their tools.

“You spend a lot of time, energy and emotion writing someone without that real possibility of seeing who they truly are in real life.” However, things have been different for Polly and other Peoria-area Christian singles since Linda Martin and Kim Whitaker started Cache Connections on Valentine’s Day 2007.