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He also must have a great way with kids as he is a teacher, though his teaching style is unknown.

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That night, Ethan has returned from his trip and is just about to head out. Walking towards the movie theatre, Erica is talking constantly and extremely fast about movies. Erica does not want to talk about it though, claiming that she needs time and is busy.

He's first seen in front of Erica's house with some luggage.

He tells Erica, over wine, that he left his wife Claire, becuase she was cheating on him.

Erica feels bad and tells Ethan that she will help him.

So Erica finds a place for Ethan, which is right next door to Erica's house.

Erica walks into Ethan's apartment to find out what is going on. Erica remarks that that does not sound like him, since he usually just goes along with everything.

Ethan explains that Claire is suing him for support, even though her father is rich. He explains that he does have it in him, but it was just easier before.At the time Ethan didn't even think about becoming an Elementary school teacher, he rather thought about being a famous Hip-hop Superstar.Ethan spent most of his university years protesting, listening to hip-hop and rapping.Dallas Dempster Net Worth, Age, Biography, Career, Height, Weight, Family, Wiki.Scroll below to learn details information about Dallas Dempster's Salary, Earning, Cars, and Income Reports.As a name tyron means that you can rule everything you can be king or prince .