Updating bootrom

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Updating bootrom

I have read through the documents, which give directions, but not enough for my hard head - I just can't get the new configuration to take.

I got confused on the next step which is to "Download Application to File", my question is, do I have to transfer again the downloaded firmware? I primarily come from an x86 system background where BIOS (Firmware) is responsible for loading a bootloader (like GRUB) from Power ON which in turn loads the OS.I now have been reading the equivalent boot sequence on ARM systems and it seems there are articles on the web making references to two terms: bootrom and bootloader.Some examples: Bootloader is responsible for finding and loading the final OS or firmware which is supposed to run on the chip.One main difference from bootrom is that it's usually in writable flash and can be replaced or upgraded.modify the kernel command line arguments or even load the kernel from a different location (SD/MMC or USB), run some tests and so on.

Bootloaders are usually used when you have a more or less complex OS which may need some set up before it can be started.Depending on the configuration of some strap pins or internal fuses it may decide from where to load the next part of the code to be executed and how or whether to verify it for correctness or validity.Sometimes it may contain additional functionality, possibly usable by user code during or after booting.Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. I have a Polycom IP5000 Soundstation which loads its 3.2.6 file from my server's polycom ftp directory - no problem there.However, I want to upgrade the firmware to 4.0.1b or better.The TZ stuff has no useful properties since The Smurf Suite proves that it isn't secure.

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