Updating oak kitchen

22-Jan-2020 01:32 by 10 Comments

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It sticks to pretty much anything, whether porous or non-porous, even things that are typically difficult for other adhesives like steel, PVC, glass, concrete, and porcelain, and since it’s 100% silicone it won’t shrink or lose adhesion over time.Plus it works super-fast, which is really the key to my heart.

Chris cut this long skinny wedge to fit right into the gap.I love this look for a kitchen because it’s both an updated look and also totally appropriate for an old farmhouse like ours.This was a pretty simple job overall, but one with a really big impact. We really only needed a few basic supplies, other than the miter saw which is out in the garage.I really appreciate how this adhesive is clear and not yellow-ish, so it won’t mess up the nice clean look of our freshly-painted cabinets if we accidentally use too much!So here’s how that part of the trim looked after we got the main part of the mouldings back in place.We gathered some painting supplies, our handy-dandy cordless brad nailer, and some GE Iron Grip adhesive.

When it comes to adhesives, this one is definitely a winner.

I finished up with a nice bead of caulk over the whole area.

Instead of a weird dark gap, it’s looks nice and clean!

This is one of those times when I wish life was a little more like TV. We could tell that it would look amazing and we just couldn’t do it.

Or at least all those renovation shows that I love to watch on TV. But of course, then we went on leading our normal lives and didn’t have time to get to this extra little update until this Spring.

In projects where you need to clamp something and let it dry, it builds strength quickly and offers up to 75% less clamp time than many other adhesives!

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