Updating to a database from a datalist template field

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Updating to a database from a datalist template field - eigen datingsite opzetten

It is flexible in the sense that you can easily customize the display of one or more records that are displayed in the control.

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This comes in handy, especially in situations where you have too many columns in your database table or columns with larger widths of data. Event Args e) private void data Grid_Page Index Changed(object source, System. If the Edit button is clicked, it is replaced with Update and Cancel buttons , and the row is put into edit mode where text boxes appear in the cells allowing the values for the row to be edited. Data Grid Command Event Args e) private void insert Button_Click(object sender, System. When the Delete button is clicked, the row is deleted from the data source for the data grid.Let’s say you need a way to record someone’s basic details (like their name, age etc).To achieve this you’re going to need a form, which can be wired up to submit whatever information the user types in, back to your application.Your app can then do whatever it needs to with that information (store it in a database, email it to someone etc.).

Let’s start with the bit our users will actually see; the form itself. We’ve got a single text box (first Name) and the form is going to send its data via an HTTP Post.

The Data List control like the Repeater control is a template driven, light weight control, and acts as a container of repeated data items.

The templates in this control are used to define the data that it will contain.

Similar to the Repeater control, the Data List control contains a template that is used to display the data items within the control.

Since there are no data columns associated with this control, you use templates to display data.

When Update is pressed, the data source is updated with the changes made to the row and the row returns to the default appearance.