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Cameras are disguised as alarm clocks, power adapters, smoke detectors, photo frames and even water bottles, most of them wireless and battery powered.These cameras are easy to obtain, and most require no technical skills to install, meaning anyone with ill intent could place them in a public place and watch you when you're unaware.

These cameras have plenty of perfectly legitimate uses.

If you suspect you’re being watched, whether in a professional or a personal environment, finding and deactivating the device is of utmost importance.

Camera detectors are designed to help users identify the device being used to infiltrate their privacy so that it can be disabled or removed from the premises.

Movie Maker was Windows' pre-installed free video editing software.

While it is no longer pre-installed, you can still download this application from some third-parties and use it to create and share high-quality movies.

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(The Airbnb regulations do allow hosts to place cameras in common areas, but they must disclose their use.) One of the problems is that these tiny, inconspicuous cameras can be easily bought online.

Browsing Amazon for hidden cameras is a little disconcerting.

From fast and bright ultra-wides packing in loads of detail to far-reaching telephotos that bring your world closer, being able to use different lenses is key to achieving your perfect vision.

View all A fixed lens camera is often described as a compact or bridge camera.

The supported features in this free editor include desktop integration for drag-and-drop, image and audio support, curve-based keyframe animations, unlimited tracks and layers, and 3D animated titles and effects.