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At Oakwood Game Farm, we have used the Nite Guard Solar lights, and have had a significant absence in both ground and aerial predators.Easy to install and requiring no maintenance, these predator deterrent lights continue to keep our game birds safe.

The sister company of Oakwood Game Farm, Nite Guard Solar, supplies predator deterrent lights that scare away ground and aerial predators with an aggressive flashing red light that mimics the “eye” of a larger predator or a human.Here, we share ways to create a safe home for your game birds.For smaller pens, installing galvanized hardware cloth will keep your game birds safe from a number of predators.Bury the galvanized wire mesh 12” – 20” into the ground around the flight pen’s perimeter.In addition, the galvanized wire mesh weave should be a specific size.Most predators like to dig around the perimeter of a game bird flight pen.

These types of predators, including rodents and mink, can be easily thwarted by employing galvanized hardware cloth.Produced by the Highway Safety Foundation in 1964, this shocking film deals with a subject quite taboo for its time.The short serves as a dramatized warning, ending with graphic case studies.Whatever your predator problem, properly installing Nite Guard Solar lights will deliver a swift solution.Learn more about raising and protecting game birds from Oakwood Game Farm.On the website, Nite Guard Solar provides useful information on how to install the Nite Guard Solar lights to deter owl attacks.