Who is anthony kiedis dating now

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Who is anthony kiedis dating now

The band Red Hot Chili Peppers has achieved various awards and accolades.

Anthony Kiedis is now 55 years old and still single.

Anthony Kiedis, the famous musician of American rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers He is the lead singer and songwriter of the band he started along with his friends in Los Angeles.

Apart from being a famous musician, Kiedis has also performed in a few Hollywood movies and advertisements.

Though riddled with drug abuse problems, he has managed to give his best in each album he wrote.

He has not only tried to overcome his personal problems but has been the pillar of strength for his band.

Every time his rock band group broke he has managed to bring everyone together again.

Overlooking his follies of drug addiction and womanizing, he is one of the most genuine musical artists today.They have also been nominated for People’s choice awards, USA twice.Individually Anthony Kiedis has been awarded the George and Ira Gershwin award for Lifetime Musical achievement in 2015.Anthony Kiedis has also authored the autobiography Scar Tissue which went on to become number 1 of New York Times best seller list in 2004.Anthony Kiedis net worth is estimated to be around 0 million.In between recording music for various albums, Anthony has also tried his hands in acting, advertising and film production.