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She is tiny, five-foot-nothing, wearing jeans, brogues and a T-shirt, the only vestige of her stardom being a Prada bag in the corner of the room. “But the good thing now is that you can be forgotten very quickly,” she says, brightening.

She has been trying to write some stories and do some photography, “but the thing is I am very, very, very slow. As an actress my career went fast, but with my other artistic projects it is the opposite.” Does she like being able to work at her own pace? Audrey Justine Tautou, the famous and gorgeous French actress has established herself as a talented and promising actress in American Film Industry.In the comedy Chinese Puzzle (out on 20 June), Tautou plays the love interest of a man who has recently been left by his wife.It is set in New York, though is almost entirely in French, aside from the bits where Tautou’s character has to speak fluent Mandarin to a group of Chinese executives to whom she is trying to pitch (she learnt the language especially for the film).I love being an actress, but I really don’t have that interest.

So it was something that was really weird, because I like to live like everybody. I don’t think it is something interesting or precious.“I think people find it a mystery that I don’t have these Hollywood fantasies,” she tells me. There are strange elongated limbs, jumping shoes, a piano that turns into a cocktail maker. “Not interesting ones, anyway.” We meet in a dark London hotel room on a bright Saturday morning.The subject of boyfriends is off-limits, though she does tell me, with a dirty laugh, that “for a couple to last you need an honest camaraderie and solid eroticism”. Before we part company we talk a bit more about Mood Indigo, which was based on a book, Boris Vian’s L’Ecume des Jours, a cult classic in France. She says she has no interest in the affair of François Hollande and Julie Gayet – “I really, really, really don’t care. As a teenager, she loved it and she says that bringing it to life was “a crazy experience. Showcasing her acting skills at a very early age of 18, Audrey has also been nominated in prestigious awards including Cesar Award and BAFTA awards.

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