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Adjusting to fame and his difficulties with attention (he thought about quitting acting early on), Bale appeared in Kenneth Branagh's 1989 adaptation of Shakespeare's Henry V (1989) and starred as Jim Hawkins in a TV movie version of Aarete saare seiklus (1990).

Bale's abilities to transform his body and to disappear into a character influenced the decision to cast him in Batman alustab (2005), the first chapter in Christopher Nolan's definitive trilogy that proved a dark-themed narrative could resonate with audiences worldwide.Often gains or loses weight for particular roles such as gaining muscle for the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Trilogy (Batman alustab (2005), Pimeduse rüütel (2008) and Pimeduse rüütli taastulek (2012)), losing weight for Masinist (2004) and Võitleja (2010), as well as gaining fat for Ameerika afäär (2013) and Asepresident (2018) Hand-picked by director/writer Mary Harron and author Bret Easton Ellis to star in Ameerika psühho (2000).Consequently, was noted by the media as the first star of Ameerika psühho (2000), only to lose the role to Leonardo Di Caprio and then win it back again.Toward the end of the decade, with the rise of the Internet, Bale found himself becoming one of the most popular online celebrities around, though he, with a couple notable exceptions, maintained a private, tabloid-free mystique.Bale roared into the next decade with a lead role in Ameerika psühho (2000), director Mary Harron's adaptation of the controversial Bret Easton Ellis novel.A role in the 1986 NBC mini-series Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna (1986) caught Steven Spielberg's eye, leading to Bale's well-documented role in Empire of the Sun (1987).

For the range of emotions he displayed as the star of the war epic, he earned a special award by the National Board of Review for Best Performance by a Juvenile Actor.

Both films were hits but not the blockbusters they were expected to be.

For all his acclaim and box-office triumphs, Bale would earn his first Oscar in 2011 in the wake of Võitleja (2010)'s critical and commercial success.

He continued working with respected independent directors in 2006's Rescue Dawn (2006), Werner Herzog's feature version of his earlier, Emmy-nominated documentary, Little Dieter Needs to Fly (1997).

Leading up to the second Batman film, Bale starred in Lõppvaatus (2006), the remake of Yumasse (2007), and a reunion with director Todd Haynes in the experimental Bob Dylan biography, Kus on Bob Dylan? Anticipation for Pimeduse rüütel (2008) was spun into unexpected heights with the tragic passing of Heath Ledger, whose performance as The Joker became the highlight of the sequel.

Actor Christian Bale recently gained weight to play former Vice President Dick Cheney, but it looks like he’s already dropped all the pounds!

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