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Ava’s daughter has been taken away, her beauty has been taken away, and it will be interesting to see her get it back, and what she does with it.Finally, what can you give GH fans as a tease for what to watch for this fall?

The hysteria bated when it circulated that Bill is yet to renew his contracts with the show and that a previous actor, Steven Burton who played Jason Morgan has returned.And, as much as everyone wants to see everyone happy, they also want to see us mix things up, and that is what we are trying to do. In terms of story, Julian may be doing time in jail, but hopefully it will all work out, and we can tell a really satisfying story for everyone.We have some really interesting things that we are doing right now that are also mixing things up. Another hot button issue of late has been the contract situation and status of William de Vry (Julian) and GH. We want to make sure that we tell it in a way that is true, too, from both Alexis’s (Nancy Lee Grahn) side, and Julian’s side.The big news, of course, is Steve Burton coming back to FRANK: When Steve left GH we were really sorry to see him go, but we knew it was a new opportunity for him, so we were excited for him.Steve and I have always stayed in touch, and we have seen each other at the Daytime Emmys.Her daughter is living in Europe, and she wants to be able to spend more time with her. Do you think you have an interesting and intriguing creative balance between Shelly and Chris for the storylines moving forward on GH?

Jean had worked hard for a really long time, and she wants to spend and have some time for herself. FRANK: Shelly is the head writer, and Chris is the co-head, so Shelly is going to sort of take all the stories we have in place now and move them forward.Apart from his role in General Hospital, Billy Miller is famed for his soap opera role as Billy Abbott on CBS Daytime’s “The Young and the Restless.”Billy Miller’s portrayal of Billy Abbott in “The Young and the Restless” has thrice, won him the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in Drama Series. Disregarding that, it got him nominated twice for the same award in 20.Billy Miller was born as William John Billy Miller on the 17th day of September 1979.You may struggle with identifying with the name Billy Miller but, Jason Morgan is definitely a name you can easily relate to.Jason Morgan is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera – General Hospital and, the role is currently portrayed by Billy Miller, who joined the cast in 2014.Have you locked in, and decided on the storyline you are about to tell with Steve Burton back on the show? Hayden is a character the audience didn’t have a connection, or any familiarity with, but I just knew Rebecca would jump right in with the story we were telling two and half years ago, and make it really work. FRANK: I was on the floor, but I was not directing that, because that week was extremely difficult, as I had to pay attention to the regular parts of my job. He is just a really special human being, and we were all really blessed to be in his company that day. We were off to the side holding hands and watching them work.

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