Who was james dean dating when he died

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Who was james dean dating when he died - dating service for teenagers

He had started learning how to sculpt with artist Pegot Waring, and was constantly asking questions, to the point that Waring became frustrated.“He wanted to know just about every single fact, idea, and theory that had been discovered by man clear back to the stone age,” Waring said.

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Jerry Lucci, the owner, just really enjoyed talking with Dean, and if the restaurant was full he would let Dean eat in the kitchen.He did briefly stay with his father when he was at Santa Monica City College, but transferred to UCLA in 1950.Early on in his college years, he carried a dictionary with him because he wanted to have intelligent conversations but didn’t have the vocabulary to match. He was thinking about enrolling in the drama program at Indiana University but changed his mind because students going for their major in the program also had to graduate with certificates in teaching.The star didn’t really care too much about his appearance, even going so far as to show up to a formal luncheon with no sock or shoes, and wearing dirty jeans. He was also known for showing up to rehearsals wearing pants that were being held up with safety pins!His friends described him as having mood swings, with one friend stating, “he’d be up one minute, down the next.” That same friend also said Dean “was uncomfortable in his own skin.” Dean could also be a bit random in his behavior, as he showed up at his friend’s houses or even called them late at night.His father, Winton, had moved the whole family to California to become a dentist, but when his wife died, he sent his son back to their native Indiana.

His mother’s death deeply affected him, and one day at school when he was in the fourth grade he burst into tears, saying that he missed her.

He played basketball and baseball, and was on the track team.

He also broke a county record in the pole vault while in school.

Off-screen, his relationship status and his sexual preferences were a hotly debated issue.

He had a brief engagement with an actress, Pier Angeli, but there were many who didn’t find it genuine.

The university didn’t think many of the drama grads could actually make a living as actors.

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