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Meanwhile, Zac was playing with other people and working on his own music, most notably indie pop band Half Noise.

It was way before that and it had nothing to do with music. We didn’t patch things up for music, we patched things up because of our friendship, then everything came from there.“I don’t think I’m the most diverse drummer ever, but I’m so thankful I put myself in different places so I’m not just this one-trick pony that has one level. I used to play softly and get so out of time because I was so used to having one speed, one level. It’s so late, but to me that’s Ringo sitting down as a freaking human being going around the drum kit.It definitely took me some time and practice, but I was glad I didn’t fully stop drumming [after leaving Paramore]. You’ve got to get everything together and I’m so hard on myself...” Are you a perfectionist with your drum takes? I think there’s time for really precise playing and I realised that I was too hard on myself.The secret was teaming up with bass player/producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen to track their parts live, and the results speak for themselves - warm, grooving and human. “One of the main reasons for me rejoining was I just fell in love with the stuff that Hayley and Taylor were writing.We caught Zac before a sold-out gig at Bristol’s Colston Hall to find out about his welcome return to the kit with Paramore, his approach to recording the new album and what Taylor York bought him as a birthday present (clue: it was a drum kit). It felt like what we were creating had never been so close to what we were listening to and inspired by.Where the Zac-less self-titled album was the sound of Paramore growing up, After Laughter marks the trio shedding their ‘rock’ shackles and making the album they’d always dreamed of - that infectious Paramore energy and signature hooks remain, but After Laughter wears its 80s pop influences on its sleeve.

Armed with a beautiful ’60s Satin Flame Gretsch and drawing on his musical experiences in Half Noise, Zac was able to add a tasty new feel and flavour to the album.In June 2016, Paramore fans hit fever pitch at news of Zac returning to the studio with Hayley and Taylor (Jeremy Davis left the band in 2015) to record drums for a new album.His official return was announced in February 2017 and After Laughter was released in May.There was this funny line of: ‘Okay, obviously we want you to drum on this record because we want your drumming ability and what you bring to the table,’ but there was also some songs that were figured out already. “The songs were probably 65-70 percent done, so it was just enough for me to add a few finishing touches to them.Unless you write a song from scratch the drum beat is kind of there.I still love seeing drummers just go for it and having fun.

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